It began in 2018 whilst I was the wedding photographer in South Africa on a combined holiday trip that I received an email from Joe and Anita describing to me firstly how much they loved my style of wedding photography and secondly would I be free to photograph their Jewish and Persian themed wedding the following year at Tatton Park in Cheshire. Luckily I was free on their date and honoured to be selected for such a prestigious occasion. My answer was most certainly 'Yes!'. On my return to the UK we met up at the venue to go over all the wedding plans and photo opportunities of the day. On our first meeting I could tell from a few quick pre-wedding photographs that before me was a couple so at ease with myself, the camera and each other in showing their love that I was in for a great day of capturing many, many beautiful special moments. The year passed quickly and it was not long before two families cultures seamlessly blended together to create a truly wondrous wedding celebration.

After a very windy and somewhat wet start to the day, a forecast of 90% rainfall miraculously ceased perfectly in time for the arrival of the Bride and her outdoor wedding ceremony at the Tatton Park wedding venue in Cheshire. Blessed with 'unexpected' brilliant weather, awesome skies and an abundance of sunshine Anita and Joe's Jewish and Persian fused wedding was absolutely sensational from start to finish.

The wedding day, a non-stop, tour de force which finished for myself just before midnight and from the morning start flowed at such a continuous and fast pace that it oddly and sadly felt too soon to end. A typical full days wedding provides anything from 300 to 600 finished and fully edited images but the pace and organised flow of this amazing celebration produced just a few images short of 1000 beautiful photographs, 300 of which were selected for this wedding blog but had to be culled slightly to fit the my content limit.

A massive thank you to a fantastic couple, two wonderful families and all their friends for a tremendous day. Here is a small selection of images to tell their story.