I offer all my clients a pre-wedding engagement shoot as part of my service add-ons. It is well worth investing in, for just £200 you get a 1-2 hour session and afterwards, your own private online gallery of images to download and print as you wish. The shoot is very relaxed and rather quite fun, even if are are not used to having your photograph taken, I guarantee you will enjoy it and most importantly it allows us to get to know each other, before the big day itself. I will also gain a deeper understanding of what it is you want from your wedding photos and make them as unique and personal to you as possible.

For me, your wedding is a story and generally starts from bridal and groom preparations, which allows you to see your partner’s day from their perspective, which is a lovely memory to look back on. The venue itself is also of great importance as it sets the scene and mood for all your wedding photographs. Every detail of the day, straight through to the evening celebrations after the first dance are so important to complete the full story and preserve all those beautiful memories of your special day.

Newly engaged couple watch their dog running in the park
Engaged couple hold hands and stand before the Dovecoat building in Walkden gardens manchester
Young couple in love embrace beneath the branches of a tree in Walkden Gardens
Beautiful female is watched adoringly by her fiancé outside in the park
Young coiple in love hold each other during a tender moment in the park
Male and female gaze into each others eyes walking in the park at Walkden Gardens in Sale
Newly engaged male kisses his fiancées forehead under the shade of branches in Walkden Gardens
Man playfully lifts his fiancée up in his arms between a row of trees in Walkden Park Manchester
Newly engaged Manchester couple hug each other under the leaves of a tree in a Manchester park
Engaged smiling couple stand close together surrounded by green leaves and trees at Walkden Gardens in Sale
Young man and woman cuddle standing next to a long wooden fence in the park during summer
Happy smiling couple hug during a resting moment in their local Manchester park
Young man kisses his fiancées forehead during a tender moment in the park
Mna and woman stand together framed by green foliage next the the Dovecoat building in Walkden Gardens Sale Manchester
Female holds her fiancé as he kisses the side of her face
Engaged man and woman fondly hold each other in the sunlight against a tree trunk in the park
Male kisses female tenderly on the forehead whilst they hold each other in the park
Engagement couple hold hand beneath a hugh canopy of green foliage on a summers day at Walkden Gardens Sale Manchester
Poodel dog runs in front of young engaged couple in the park


Engaged young couple stand holding hands and are reflected in a puddle on a bridge on a lake in Worsley Manchester
Double exposure image of newly engaged couple stood head to head in Worsley woods with trees and sky
Engaged couple stand and embrace each other at night in Worsley woods Manchester during an engagement shoot
Man and woman looking into each others eyes under an umbrella in the rain on their engagement in Worsley woods
Newly engaged couple stare into each others eyes in total darkness during their Manchester engagement photography shoot